At Green Sapling we believe in perfection and class along with an abundance of love for nature. Hence we have created a range of eco-friendly biodegradable plates ranging from plates to spoons. Our products are classy and elegant. Coming to our tasting spoons,  they are wonderful pallets to show your creativity. Excellent to display desserts, snacks and appetizers. Great uses for weddings, hotels, restaurants, parties, country clubs, restaurants and catered events. The dimensions and sleek design of these spoons gives them an edge over the toxic eco-friendly plates. Moreover, they do not contain any toxic substances hence they are safe for children and elderly.
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    2" Sporks Mini
    2" Sporks Mini (Case)
    6" Asian Soup Spoon
    6" Asian Soup Spoon (Case)
    6" Tea Spoon
    6" Tea Spoon (Case)
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