Eco-Friendly Serving Trays: The Easy Way to Go Green in Your Kitchen

The importance of sustainability and eco-friendliness have increased magnanimously with increased consumer awareness. Businesses and industries across the globe are implementing ways to reduce carbon footprint or reach a circular economy. But it is also imperative that every individual plays a part in the struggle towards a more habitable and green planet. One area where each of us can make a significant impact is in our kitchen.

The adoption of eco-friendly biodegradable tableware has already increased. However, we still use trays made of different materials that leave behind a carbon footprint. Shifting to eco-friendly serving trays can be an easy way to go completely green in your kitchen. Green Sapling explores the world of eco-friendly serving trays and how they can help you go green effortlessly.

Why Should You Use Biodegradable Serving Trays?

Serving trays are made of different materials such as plastic, ceramic etc. These trays look fancy but also leave behind carbon residue when disposed, which adds to the rising greenhouse emissions.

Biodegradable serving trays are made from recyclable material such as bamboo, bagasse, palm leaves etc. The raw materials decompose easily with minimal impact to the environment. Some even help fertilize the soil. For example, Green Sapling makes eco-friendly serving trays from Areca Palm leaves. The range of biodegradable serving trays return earth-friendly microorganisms in the soil. Choosing such trays significantly reduces carbon footprint and promotes responsible consumption.

However, apart from the use of recyclable materials, how do these trays stand out? Let’s see!

USPs of Biodegradable Serving Platters

Biodegradable serving platters have several USPs. The ones which make them stand out are:

  • Biodegradability: Biodegradable serving platters cannot exist with the ability to biodegrade. As these trays are made from naturally occurring and easily renewable material such as bamboo, bagasse, palm leaves, cornstarch etc. the trays naturally break down into organic matter when disposed of.

  • Sustainable Sourcing: Trays made of plastic increase water pollution as fossil fuel is transformed. Biodegradable serving platters use raw materials that neither harm the environment nor facilitate deforestation. Even Green Sapling’s range of biodegradable serving platters are made from Areca Palm leaves that fall off naturally throughout the year. Hence, sustainable sourcing stands at the cusp of producing biodegradable serving trays.

  • Non-Toxic: Eco-friendly serving trays are undoubtedly non-toxic owing to the nature of its raw materials. The chemicals present in these trays don’t leech onto food. Traditional serving trays contain harmful chemicals that might transfer harmful substances into your dishes.

  • Durability: Todays’ eco-friendly serving trays are made keeping in mind the durability. No one wants the dishes to fall off while serving. Green Sapling uses heat molds to provide increased durability. They can withstand the rigors of serving various foods, from appetizers to full meals and are also microwave safe.

  • Aesthetics: Besides the basic utility to serve food, aesthetics is another important reason behind using serving trays Eco-friendly serving platters from Green Sapling doesn't sacrifice on style. These trays offer a natural and rustic look, adding an earthy touch to your dining presentation.

Now, let's dive deeper into the world of eco-friendly serving trays and why they are the easy way to go green in your kitchen.

Going Green With Eco-friendly Serving Trays

Using biodegradable serving platters is an easy way to go green in your kitchen as they ensure:

  • Increased Green Footprint: Eco-friendly serving trays increase the green footprint of your kitchen as they are made using renewable raw materials. Add them with Green Sapling’s range of Areca palm leaf plates, bowls, cups etc. and you can create a kitchen that speaks of your environmental consciousness.

  • Reduced Carbon Residue: Each piece of utensil has an expiry date. The same applies for serving platters. Disposing biodegradable serving platters leaves behind almost zero or negligible amount of carbon residue.

  • Promote Waste Recycling: Disposing biodegradable serving trays made of bamboo, bagasse or palm leaves promote waste recycling. The raw materials can be reprocessed to the original form or used in other applications.

  • Lower Waste Generation: As eco-friendly serving trays can be recycled; they lower the waste generation in households and businesses. This helps to preserve the material for longer durations, curbs pollution and lowers the environmental impact of producing new material.

Green Sapling has been leading the way in creating greener kitchens with its range of biodegradable serving trays, plates, cups, bowls etc. The eco friendly trays are available in varying sizes to offer a diverse range of serving tools to suit every kitchen’s needs. Browse our catalog to make your kitchen green today!